02 December 2009

Myroslaw Bytz – Round the Whirled 002

The second edition of Round the Whirled takes it down a notch, letting global villagers do all the talking. Highlights include Taraf de Haïdouks’ wild Roma fiddling, Aster Aweke’s haunting Ethio-jazz from her early years with Sunshine Band, and a contemporary underground Iraqi rapper.
Image: Serpentpower Reminds Lotusheart by Brooklyn-based nomad artist Lichiban.

Play/Download :: Round the Whirled 002
  1. Orchestre G.O. Malebo – Foreman Ali Welcomes to Kinshasa (Congo)
  2. Taraf de Haïdouks – Tot Taraful (Romania)
  3. Unknown Rapper – Unknown Track (Iraq)
  4. Lidija Bajuk – Protuletje (Croatia)
  5. Compay Segundo – Desdichado (Cuba)
  6. Ruminahui – Chuclla (Perú)
  7. Aster Aweke with Sunshine Band – Antiye (Ethiopia)
  8. Unknown – Fisherman’s Chant at Dusk (China)
  9. Golden Gate Quartet – Old Time Religion (USA)
  10. Anna & Amalia Hatzidakis – Mes Tou Aigaiou Ta Nezia (Greece)
  11. Kohachiro Miyata – Sanya (Japan)
  12. Hussein el Masry – Allah, Alik, Allah! (Egypt)
  13. Roy Dobson – Jah Children Rising (Jamaica)
  14. Veena Sahasrabuddhe – Siddh Bhajo Omkar Avadho (India)
Round the Whirled is a bi-weekly feature on WNSR from Myroslaw Bytz, highlighting the soul music of the planet, in all its permutations.


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