28 February 2011

Numinous Mix for Proton Radio features Amfuem!

Numinous puts together a great downtempo mix, featuring Amfuem as its second track!  Check it:
ARTiST.... : Numinous
TiTLE..... : lucid (Proton Radio)-SBD-02-26
GENRE..... : House
SUBGENRE.. : Downtempo
SOURCE.... : Live Session
RELDATE... : Feb-27-2011
AiRDATE... : 000-00-0000
TRACKS.... : 01
LENGTH.... : 66:53 min
SiZE...... : 91,9 MB
QUALiTY... : 192kbps
Nr Name Time
- -------------------------------------------------------------- -
01. lucid (Proton Radio)-SBD-02-26-2011 66:53
- -------------------------------------------------------------- -
- --- total > 66:53 min


01. Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Affekt [Connaisseur]
02. Myroslaw Bytz - Amfuem [Chi]
03. Adam Kroll - Set Sails [Squonk]
04. Peace Orchestra - Who Am I [Stone]
05. Tipper - Daved & Confused [Tippermusic]
06. Shigeto - So So Lovely [Ghostly]
07. Paul Brtschitsch & Dr Atmo - Around Me [Kitty-Yo]
08. John Daly - The Wasteland, Sea & Sky [Wave]
09. Ame - Excelsior [Sonar Kollektiv]
10. Outlines - Listen To The Drums (Jazzanova Remix/Dixon Edit) [Sonar Kollektiv]
11. 6th Borough Project - How Can I Show You [Delusions Of Grandeur]
12. Manuel Tur - Stay (12" Extended Instrumental) [Freerange]
13. WhoMadeWho - Keep Me In My Plane (DJ Koze Hudson River Dub) [Gomma]


31 January 2011

below 20: [Track #013] Road noise (silent mix)

I'm honored to announce that an experimental track/field recording of mine has been accepted as exhibit #13 in the Sound Museum of Silence!

below 20: [Track #013] Road noise (silent mix): "#013 Road noise (silent mix) by below20 location: new york state, u.s.a | time: 3 a.m. | ambient: highway | author: myroslaw bytz | ..."


29 December 2010

Myroslaw Bytz - Technocean 007 | Mixcloud - Re-think radio

A sparse darkstep soother for the winter solstice and Snowpocalyptic aftermath. Cuddle up with your favorite robot. Develop cabin fever. Wait, pray, beg for the soulful screech of snowplow saviors that never come.

Mixed for WNSR -- New School Radio
Original URL: http://bit.ly/technocean007

12 October 2010

Sealed with a Fist

Raw Seal bits get chopped up and served HOT by none other than LA-based dubmachine Computo in the first of hopefully many blubstep responses to one Mr. Seal Klum, the adult contemporary/easy-listening songstress-cum-connoisseur who recently, finally broke his long silence by volunteering a squeaky answer to arguably the most important, unasked question of our time:  But what does Seal think about dubstep?

Enjoy, and if you can lure Seal into performing (might I suggest sardines) his music-critic shtick regarding this massive tuna, do notify Sea World.  And lovelorn obese women over 43.  Because those are the only ones likely to give a shit was Seal thinks about anything.


25 September 2010

Monolake Touring US » NYC :: Oct 9-10

EVEN MORE Amazing Techno for an already epic Autumn shaping up...

2010 September 24 Intersection USA, Seattle, Decibel Festival
2010 September 26 Monolake Live Surround USA, Seattle, Decibel Festival
2010 September 27 Intersection USA, Denver, Gates Planetarium
2010 October 1 Intersection USA, Los Angeles, Cal Arts
2010 October 3 Monolake Live Surround USA, Los Angeles, Red Cat
2010 October 7 Monolake Live Surround USA, Troy, EMPAC
2010 October 9 Monolake Live Surround USA, NYC, Bunker
2010 October 10 Intersection USA, NYC, Devotion

2010 October 13 Intersection USA, Boston, Berklee College

Dates of talks and lectures can be found here.

Robert Henke / Monolake Concerts

Monolake Live Surround

Monolake Live is walls of pulsating sound, made danceable by lots of percussions and deep, low and massive bass pulses. Monolake Live is clearly aimed towards a concert situation where people can dance. However, Monolake Live is a concert, and not background music. Monolake Live Surround is expanding the usual club sound experience by using four or more discrete channels of audio.Monolake Live Surround is an immersive experience way beyond the usual club and DJ setup. More about Monolake Live Surround...


Intersection, a post musique-concrete homage to Hanoi.