25 September 2010

Monolake Touring US » NYC :: Oct 9-10

EVEN MORE Amazing Techno for an already epic Autumn shaping up...

2010 September 24 Intersection USA, Seattle, Decibel Festival
2010 September 26 Monolake Live Surround USA, Seattle, Decibel Festival
2010 September 27 Intersection USA, Denver, Gates Planetarium
2010 October 1 Intersection USA, Los Angeles, Cal Arts
2010 October 3 Monolake Live Surround USA, Los Angeles, Red Cat
2010 October 7 Monolake Live Surround USA, Troy, EMPAC
2010 October 9 Monolake Live Surround USA, NYC, Bunker
2010 October 10 Intersection USA, NYC, Devotion

2010 October 13 Intersection USA, Boston, Berklee College

Dates of talks and lectures can be found here.

Robert Henke / Monolake Concerts

Monolake Live Surround

Monolake Live is walls of pulsating sound, made danceable by lots of percussions and deep, low and massive bass pulses. Monolake Live is clearly aimed towards a concert situation where people can dance. However, Monolake Live is a concert, and not background music. Monolake Live Surround is expanding the usual club sound experience by using four or more discrete channels of audio.Monolake Live Surround is an immersive experience way beyond the usual club and DJ setup. More about Monolake Live Surround...


Intersection, a post musique-concrete homage to Hanoi.


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