12 July 2008

Acclaim for Amfuem

  • Laurent Garnier: "Lovely original track -- will play on my radio show!"
  • Chris Healings (Hybrid): "Wow this is amazing music... Unbelievable tweaks and production... I love it"
  • Alland Byallo (Nightlight Music):"The long-awaited Amfuem original is one of the most beautiful pieces of electronic music I've heard!"
  • Mylo: "Love the FCB mix!"
  • Luke Solomon: "fine cut remix is awesome"
  • Kevin Beber: "original sounding - brilliance."
  • Justin Robertson: "a beautiful tune! fine cut bodies for the floor, original for everywhere else!"
  • Volum (Volsoc): "Definitely into this release. It's got a certain L'usine-esque feel to it, from the dsp'd out analog synth lines. The violins are a gorgeous touch, bringing about my favorite themes of floaty ambient lushness. The FCB remix is yet again a deadly release. I hear bits of Justin Maxwell's awesome DSP trickery. I will definitely be caning this one at the clubs."
  • Chris Fortier: "original is fantastic"
  • Habersham: "FineCutBodies Remix is in my top 10 tracks of the last 2 years! Amazing, one of a kind stuff.. so happy it's getting released! And the original, this is my first time hearing it, but it's simply amazing."
  • Phonogenic: "The original is beautiful and the FCB remix does a nice job beefing it up."
  • Karl Moestl: "nice, and very fresh, i like it, when it becomes different, and somebody is trying new ways - fine, fine... "
  • Riva Starr: "love it!"
  • Dan Mangan: "intricate and beautifully programmed."
  • Chloe Harris: "orig - beautiful. amazing synths. remix - really good drum sounds. wow. and really cool intricate drums. amazing."
  • Ed2000: "very fine electronica, beautiful violin. superb! the fcb has been a top tune in my set for a long time already - looking forward to fusion festival with both these tracks!!"
  • Ben And Lex: "Amfuem is such a beautiful tune... proper floaty excellence... "
  • Jeff Samuel: "i like the fine cut bodies remix...complex edits but still with a nice groove. good work."
  • Cass (Deadset): "I've loved the FCB remix on this for about 3 years now!!! Still sounds awesome."
  • Lee Smith (IDJ): "Fresh intelligent beats - especially feeling the FCB mix...cheers!"


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