09 February 2009

Cup of Chi Vol. 13

Hot on the heels of Cup of Chi 12, Modul hammers it home yet again, with a sizzling and relentlessly grimy banger, AciderAMB brings the high-energy pain, with some twists of whimsy, in FlagpoleCooler gets effect-crazy in the down-tempo electro-acoustic B'ala.

Release notes:
Artists: V/A
Title: Cup Of Chi vol.13.
Genre: House / BreakBeat / Downtempo
Label: Chi Recordings
CatNum: COC013
ReleaseDate: 23/02/2009
Soon after the success of the 12th Cup of Chi, Modul kicks off the follow-up with the driving tech-house "Acider" - a kind of free-jazz battle between a wobbling, ever-ruling bass-line, a catchy hook, and densely slurping textures. AMB, who seems to have been popping back to the breaks wing recently, takes over with the energetic "Flagpole" that you probably wouldn't label cruel - until you arrive at the drop in the breakdown perhaps. Cooler concludes the package with "B'ala" delivering an excellent musical blend of acoustic and synthesized sounds.


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