29 June 2009

ДахаБраха Performances @ GogolFest

The experimental Kyiv-based avant-folk arts collective DakhaBrakha mesmerized fans at the 2009 Gogol Fest celebrating the bicentennial of the legendary Ukrainian author's birth. Here's a video playlist I've compiled of their groundbreaking performances this year --

For all their studied eclecticism & avant-garde sensibilities, the group remains steeped in the various musical traditions of their native Ukraine. Their music has been described as Ethno-Chaos, for its dark, turbulent themes and often wild syntheses of folk musics from every corner of the world. I've been into this group for awhile, and it's exciting to see recently their effortless incorporation of new media into their performances.

Check out more DakhaBrakha, and if you're in the NYC area, you can see their US premiere July 23rd at Joe's Pub.

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