10 October 2009

Alland Byallo - Pace In Your Face Volume 1

The eminent and tireless techno Alland Byallo continues to lay on the deep quirk and evolve his signature sounds, following up his recent flurry of highly acclaimed releases with some high-caliber exclusive mixes. The latest is over at Pacemaker, and it manages to be deep, funky & thoughtful -- all at the same time. Additionally, the San Fransisco-based producer sees fit to sprinkle around those warped glitches & delicious, techy flips he's known for, throughout the mix.

And most remarkably, all these carefully crafted, yet divergent sensibilities not only feel totally seamless, but contribute to this overarching sense of a
neo-neo-soul (that wasn't a typo). More than the sum of its parts, this is an intriguing and inspired set, both classic and forward-looking, which shows off yet again Byallo's keen mastery of the techno flow. Highly recommended listening!

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  1. wow thanks for such a great review, dude!!!!!! that's fucking epic