22 September 2009

UP#03 - Philip Sherburne Unsound 2009 Mix by unsound

UP#03 - Philip Sherburne Unsound 2009 Mix  by  unsound
Philip Sherburne has many faces: music journalist for the Wire and Pitchfork, producer, DJ, blogger, Unsound comrade. Now he's drawn entirely on music from Unsound 2009 to create a unique podcast that shifts from a kind of mix tape made with Ableton, to a dubstep DJ set completed by hand. It goes right into the heart of what Unsound is about, giving insight into the fullness and contrasts of this year's program. There's everything from Sunn O))) to Omar-S, from Zomby to Stars of the Lid. (Philip even managed to slip in an audacious Eagle Twin moment, right before Soap&Skin.) By the way, you never know, he might just turn up at the Unsound after party on 25.10.2009, to spin a few tunes. And he will definitely be leading an Unsound music journalism workshop, and running a panel or two.


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