24 March 2009

My Newest Mix: The Revolution...of the Evolution..of DUBdububddub!

12× dubwise hymns fa’ cast away wickedness & doubt.

artwork from the tremendously talented soul of lichiban



  1. ah man, thank you so much for the love! i really appreciate it. the mix is dope! you should submit your demos to brendon moeller at demos@wavemusic.com and tell him that i recommended you to him.
    <3 L

  2. Heya-- I think the pan-ethnic fusion styles you synthesize & integrate are the epitome of contemporary beauty. You don't front, it's obvious, and you try to root out hate all around and within. I hope it's cool I used some of your images to illustrate a couple mixes.

    Thanks for the tip... and for your ’Imagine, post yesterday (which also happened to be my birthday) -- It really helped me get my mind connected again, after dwelling too low in the void...